Aromatherapy Canon or "Fanon?"

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I'm a total nerd, so bear with me a moment while I embrace that to make a point.

Do you have fandom you love? Harry Potter? Marvel? Pokemon? Star Wars? Star Trek? Lord of the Rings? Doctor Who? (Where are my Whovians?!)

You get the point.

Much like what's mentioned above, aromatherapy is kind of like its own fandom. We are a unique subculture (or perhaps neo-tribe) that shares a sense of camaraderie over a common interest. In this case, we're referring to essential oils.

And like with any fandom, we have our source material. That's the real, raw story. It's the original work that makes the fandom what it is. It's the truth. This source material is what would be referred to as "canon." So, "canon" = the real deal and what's true about the fandom. Remember that.

But because of the emotional component that goes with embracing a fandom as well as a diverse way of perceiving things, many fandoms end up being infiltrated by what is referred to as "fanon."

What is fanon? Well, fanon is what happens when fans fill in the gaps. Maybe there's a plot hole or a persistent question that everyone asks. Maybe there's something that a character says or does that makes someone wonder why they behave a certain way. But in the end, what happens is that the fan attributes a meaning to whatever they had observed to fill in the gaps they were mulling over. And then other people hear about it, embrace it, and pass it along. Others embrace it and continue passing it along, and it eventually gets accepted as part of the original fandom - even though it had absolutely no part in the original story.

That is fanon.

And people run with it, develop it further, and turn it into a whole new arc or character development point, and no one is the wiser - except for cranky, canon-committed fans who pull out the source material and say, "Hey, NO, that doesn't exist and isn't right."

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Aromatherapy is full of its own fanon. We have pieces of information all over the place that are passed along left and right as fact, that people willingly embrace as fact, which have no basis in anything other than someone's interpretation of what was said or how they think something should go.

No euc under 10? FANON.

No oils under 2? FANON

No oils in the first trimester? FANON

You should only use oils from first distillations? FANON

And so on and so forth.

Fanon can be fun but only when it doesn't destroy the heart of what you loved to begin with.

So, don't replace what's real with made up stuff. It's not what brought you to the fandom to begin with. If you see someone make an absolute statement about something, that's your first clue that you should do some digging and find out what's really true. You may get lucky and find that you had someone sharing what is "canon."

But you may also find that the person sharing the information is committed to believing Snape and Hermione belong together. And we really don't need to throw headcanon into the mix.

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