Aromatherapy in 2020: End the Safety Extremism

Posted by Lauren Bridges on

Nutmeg will give you cancer, no essential oils ever for babies, any kind of eucalyptus use will kill your kid, essential oils cannot be used during pregnancy, you don't need preservatives in aromatherapy products, etc....

It's time for safety myths to die, and it's time for them to die hard.

So many of us tip toe around so much so as not to offend or cause contention in the aromatherapy community. But there comes a point where enough is enough, and we have to move past a desire to try and keep people happy with an artificial peace. And that's where we are at now.

Safety is important to all of us. It is emotional because we do not want to see harm done to anyone, and we especially do not want to see vulnerable populations suffer. But there are too many right now who play off these very human inclinations to instill fear and control the general public's opinions on use through it.

Aromatherapy has issues. We have wonderful teachers and practitioners who are choked on the public front in an attempt to keep the peace by the erroneous claims and teachings of bloggers, some aromatherapists, and even non-MLM essential oil companies. And contributing to this are aromatherapy enthusiasts who, instead of developing a healthy respect and knowledge of essential oils and appropriate home use, have fallen pray to rabid teachings that inspire a mob mentality and cult-like gathering of fellows rather than a genuine heart to learn.

We forget that learning never excludes challenging our presuppositions. And we see every day how clinging to misplaced beliefs furthers a misplaced and incensed outrage over anything that violates one thing or another that has been read on the internet because people are not comfortable challenging what they believe.

No more.

Call me contentious. Scream in the blogosphere that I'm mean or any number of insults. But 2020 is where I'm done, and I would encourage others to be done as well. This does not mean unnecessarily and brutally launch attacks at people. But I do mean to say that we should no longer be concerned about sparing poor information. And sometimes that means that we have to show things for what they are - even if inconvenient or controversial.

Aromatherapy is a wonderful, helpful modality that can seamlessly be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle or even complex care. But so many are limited by or afraid to embrace this due to wrong teachings about essential oils. And our job is to help people - not hurt them. And sometimes keeping people from what is real is what hurts.

There is the floating idea in aromatherapy that there is room for everything and that we should embrace all perspectives about aromatic treatment and essential oils.

No. A big, fat, firm NO. The law of non-contradiction explains that we cannot have opposing statements on a subject both be true at once. And we cannot ignore this any longer for the sake of peace.

Ignoring this has led to issues in our own community that we don't need to rehash right at this second. But it as well has expanded into places we do not want it and where it can be more dangerous - such as medicine.

So, no more. Peace is a facade in aromatherapy right now. But we need to remember that, unfortunately, peace is often fought for. And it's time we embrace our ability to fight for what is right and stop tolerating the garbage for a pretend version of it.

In the end, what matters is providing people with the information they need to make the best informed choices they can for their health and well-being. And no one can do that with falsehoods.

In 2020, the falsehoods go. There are too many who are starving to learn what is real about aromatherapy, and our responsibility is to make sure that is possible.

The charlatans, liars, and those looking to profit from uneducated opinions or twisted information can stop now. We are done tolerating a willful desire to take advantage of the public.

We are done watching aromatherapy become bastardized by the uneducated claims of ego.


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