Alcohol: Not an Emuslifier for Your Aromatherapy DIYs

Alcohol: Not an Emuslifier for Your Aromatherapy DIYs

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While alcohol can play a role in aromatherapy DIY projects, its capabilities have been overestimated. Almost everyday we find essential oil users making recommendations involving alcohol, believing that they are ending up with a solid DIY product when they in fact are not, largely due to a misunderstanding of information.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why typical amounts recommended for aromatherapy DIYs do not solubilize essential oils
  • That alcohol is not an emulsifier
  • Alcohol as it relates to DIY
  • Some DIY products that can safely use alcohol in the home

Reach beyond social media misunderstandings that keep you from reasonably using alcohol in your DIY projects!

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