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Essential oil and aromatherapy consumers are primarily concerned about four things:

  1. Is you product pure?
  2. Is your product safe?
  3. Is the information you provide accurate?
  4. Is your company recommended by industry professionals?

The answers to the first three concerns play a large role in whether or question #4 is answered with a “yes!”

Do you know without a shadow of a doubt that you your DIY suggestions aren’t putting your customers at risk? Does your content really reflect authentic essential oil safety? Does your information align with real aromatic knowledge or the internet perceptions that could be misleading your customers and potentially even harming your sales?

With a Comprehensive Aromatic Information Analysis, we’ll evaluate your content for informational accuracy, essential oil safety, your DIY recipe quality, and compliance with federal regulations (if applicable). Our notes will thoroughly cover what can be done to improve your content to best meet your customers’ needs and become a desired resource for information. 

Includes analysis of 10 web pages of your choice. 


  • Annotated PDF report of your content that details our discoveries as described above
  • 2 week correspondence for addressing any questions regarding what we found

Larger and smaller packages are available upon contacted request. If you would like a package that includes us fixing your content directly along with the deliverables noted above, please contact us directly about pricing.

PRICE: Please note that price listed is a booking fee to reserve your project for our soonest availability. The remaining cost of the project will be invoiced to you upon completion. If you have questions about when we will be able to start your project, please contact us prior to purchasing.