Using Essential Oils in the Classroom: Accounting for Medical Diversity

Using Essential Oils in the Classroom: Accounting for Medical Diversity

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In this article about using essential oils in the classroom, we take a different approach to the issues and focus specifically on the medical concerns about teachers using aromatics with their students. If you need a resource to take to you school to explain why they should not be diffusing in the classroom, this is the article for you.

You will learn:

  • Why the general guidelines are not enough to for teachers to be able to use essential oils in a diverse classroom
  • The limits to publicly available info about essential oil contraindications
  • How complex medical conditions like epilepsy, SPD, ADHD, migraine, and asthma can be negatively affected
  • Why teachers and schools should ultimately avoid public essential oils use

BONUS: This download also includes the brief follow-up piece to this article "When Students Need Essential Oils in School, which gives an aromatherapist's perspective on how essential oils may be safely used for students who need them.

Download today and step away understanding the information you need to advocate for your children and peers when faced with aromatic exposure in schools.

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